Ayurvedic Medicine: Take Charge Of Your Health And Wellbeing

Since ancient times, Ayurveda is used to treat numerous body ailments. It is the oldest healing modality that has origin in India. Ayurveda is based on holistic approach that integrates overall wellness of individual. Ayurveda acts on balanced dietary guidelines and thus aid to reclaim health. People from different walks of life are accepting ayurveda for treatment of disease and to improve their health.


Ayurveda believes on two principles firstly to promote healthy life and prevent from disease, secondly to treat the disease. Most importantly ayurveda works on 3 Doshas of body namely VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA.

Hence the basics go back- right from principles to doshas; as to understand as well treat the diseases. There are several medicinal benefits of incorporating ayurvedic ingredients in diet and lifestyle of individual. Ayurvedic medicines can be used as -

· Medicines (In diet) — Ayurvedic medicines are used in natural form and therefore are effective. Treatment by ayurvedic medicines is a far cry from treating with synthetic or elemental forms of medicines; the formulation found in siddha or heavily loaded chemical medicines, and for that reason ayurveda is harmless for healing purpose.

· Medicine (Ayurvedic Oils) — A range of pains and problems are cured by using herbal oils. Ashwagandha oil, shirodhaar oil, neem oil and many more are beneficial to treat lots of disease. Massaging with herbal oils can lend relaxation to nerves and reduces anxiety.

Advantages of using Ayurvedic treatments –

ü Cleanse the body from toxins

ü Get rid of inflammation, swelling and joints pain

ü Improved blood circulation and controlled blood pressure

ü Healthy glowing skin and hair

ü Promotes health and wellbeing by reducing stress and fatigue

ü Weight loss or management by proper ayurvedic treatment.

To consume ayurvedic medicine is a choice for better and active lifestyle, which is dedicated entirely to the general wellbeing and health of individual in holistic view. Many medicines and treatment patterns of ayurveda are based to support and balancing the mind, body and soul thereby reaping the benefits in due course by ayurvedic medication.

Pure herbal ayurved clinic, is a ayurvedic medicine clinic based in Melbourne, Australia. Clinic is run by Ayurveda doctors, Dr Gurnam Saini And Pooja Saini.

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